"I just wanted to brag on "Rapunzel" for a few minutes. My daughter's birthday party was made perfect by her presence. She was so wonderful with the kids and stayed in character to a T. I'm so pleased with your company and appreciate the heart behind your characters. Rapunzel was amazing. LOVE! Thank you so much!"

-Sarah H.

IMG_2475 2.JPG

"Thank you to the Frozen Sisters for a wonderful and magical birthday party. You both went above and beyond what we had ever envisioned for our Addy's birthday party! God bless you both!! You have given us memories that will never be taken away nor forgotten!!"

-Amanda Raper

"Friends and family, I would like to say an extra special thank you to these 2 wonderful ladies, Belle and Sleeping Beauty!! You girls have hearts of gold and made Kristen Grace's birthday party so magical!!! I am so proud to know you both and Krissy will never forget her 5th birthday!! Thank you so much for all you do, and your passion for fluttering little hearts everywhere!!! ️


For those of you seeking special guests like these girls for your next party, contact Character Visits 4 U ....these girls are TRULY amazing!!!"

Photo credit: Elysian Bourne Photographic Imaging Amanda Lynch

-Michelle Rager

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“Our family has had the opportunity to attend multiple functions hosted by Character Visits 4 U. And, as a mother of two princesses (Our first princess is named, "Aurora"!), each and every event was expertly executed! Our girls have had the opportunity to meet all of their favorite princesses over the last few years, and they are never disappointed! The professionalism of the staff is top notch and every possible detail is accounted. Our girls leave every event with a sense of magic and wonder (and, are always disappointed when it's time to go home)! Long story short, many thanks for bringing the magic to our family. Cheers, to more memories!”


-Jen R.


"Is anything more magical than having your favorite princess come to visit? Not if that princess is from Character Visits 4 U! These young people are truly gifted in their ability to bring the characters to life and make every moment memorable and joyful for your family and guests. 


I first encountered the company when they generously offered to send Cinderella and Prince Charming, free of charge, to a Make A Wish event. Both actors were outstanding and made the party extra special for the wish family. Thank you for all that you do to make life more beautiful!"

-Sarah H.


"The Frozen Sisters were absolutely amazing!!!! Danika Leighann loved them!!!"

-Dustin Larkin

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Characters 4 U. First and foremost, The First Princess made even a grown mother believe she had been transported from Enchancia straight to TN. She was 100% real! From her voice, mannerisms and look, she was the real deal! The way she interacted with the birthday princess, and all of her friends, made every little girl (and mother in the room) believe in fairytales!"

-Suzanne Caraveo


"Wonderful Prince Charming & Cinderella... My kids were mesmerized!"

-Julie Kiper

IMG_2476 2.JPG

"We just had the most wonderful Frozen party with The Frozen Sisters. They did a most wonderful job. Sweet girls and most patient with several 6 year olds. My little one never warms up to people she doesn't know. She took to the princesses and never wanted to let go. That speaks volumes in how they are. Thanks so much ladies! And their manager who came was most wonderful as well."

-Alisa Mahoney


"Words can't express how happy The Little Mermaid made my daughter. You do an amazing job and we are beyond thankful!"

-Christina Soper

IMG_2477 2.JPG

"In total shock! As soon as we walked away, my oldest Kylie (4yrsold) said, 'Momma! They are really real!!! It's not just a cartoon! They are real!'"

-Liz Tucker

"Character Visits 4 U is amazing. They are beyond anything you have ever seen and give each child an experience that is magical. We first met them in Jan 2014 and 3 years later they get better and better.  We look forward to every meet and greet, party or appearance. They light up children's faces just by walking into a room and when they talk, sing, dance, or hug them it's pure joy. 

I have lots of wonderful memories but hands down was my daughter's 3rd Birthday when The Scottish Princess showed up and started dancing with her. She was so surprised and happy it brought tears to my eyes. They don't just make memories, they make a child's dream come true."

-Erin Weyman


"We have enjoyed magical memories for over 3 years with Character Visits 4 U. We love that each character is knowledgeable and very interactive with the children. My daughter has made memories with princesses, princes and even villains. She has loved every interaction and embraces them all. We are blessed to have made many memories and can't wait to make more!"

-Karen Ashworth

*Not all guests featured in photos are the same clients as the testimonial.