We have spent the last six years acquiring the finest in wardrobe selections for our wide variety of available characters! We pride ourselves in quality materials and presentation.


The company currently offers over twenty characters who would love to attend your next event! See below for a full listing of characters.

Crown Princess
Snow Queen
Snow Sister
Princess Beauty
Little Mermaid
Voyager Princess
Bayou Princess
Snow White
Classic Cinderella
Sleeping Beauty
Arabian Princess
Scottish Princess
Prince Charming
Ice Harvester
Tinker Fairy
The Perfect Nanny
Summer-Loving Snowman
Ugly Stepsisters
Evil Fairy
Handsome Hunter
Evil Queen
Card Queen
The Hatmaker
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Character Visits 4 U!

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Character Visits 4 U does not offer any licensed or copyrighted characters. It is not the intention of Character Visits 4 U to violate any copyright laws. All characters are generic versions, set apart by custom gowns, hairstyles, and characteristics. These characters are based on original stories that are not copyrighted. We only accept booking from clients who respect that we are a private company and who understand that we do not offer any licensed characters.


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Arabian Princess